10 Beard Styles That Will Up Your Long-Haired Game

beard styles

Beards look amazing on just about any man, but if you have long hair, they’re even better. Long hair can be an obstacle when it comes to facial hair styles that you want, but don’t know how to tame your mane enough to make work. The good news? We’ve got some of the best beard styles to wear with long hair to help you out and make sure you can wear the kind of beard that makes you feel like the stud you are!

1) The undercut beard styles

undercut beard

The undercut beard is a popular choice because it is easy to maintain and has a more casual look. One of the best parts of the style is that you can keep the majority of your hair long, which will create an interesting contrast with your facial hair. It’s also a good option for guys who are looking for something different but don’t want to commit to growing their beards.

2) The man bun beard

The man bun beard is a more modern take on the classic man bun. It’s perfect for anyone looking to add some ruggedness to their look while still managing to look clean and put together. To get this style, gather your hair into a ponytail at the nape of your neck, and then tuck it under the rest of your hair like you would with a man bun.

3) The messy beard

long hair

This style is characterized by a beard that is unkempt, with a little bit of scruff on the face. The hair can be trimmed and grown out to any length, but it should not be styled or shaped too neatly. The style works best for individuals who have long hair because it helps them balance out their looks and keep their hair from looking too sleek.

4) The full beard

It’s the most iconic beard on this list, and it’s the one that’ll have you looking like an extra from The Revenant. For a full beard, you’ll need to grow out your hair for about eight weeks before trimming it down to your desired length. A quick tip: don’t take too much off at once. This will keep your neck from getting itchy and keep the natural oils in your skin flowing properly. Trust us—you’ll thank us later.

5) The goatee beard

styled or shaped

The goatee beard is a combination of a mustache and a goatee. To maintain this style, you’ll need to keep your mustache and chin hair groomed with the help of clippers or scissors. This beard style can be worn by males who want to maintain their long locks, but still have facial hair!

6) The walrus mustache

The walrus mustache is the most popular of all the beard styles for men with long hair. It’s a little more difficult to maintain than some other styles, but it can be done. The mustache and goatee are connected together, so you’ll have to make sure that you take care of them as a unit. In order to get the perfect shape, you should use a number of grooming tools such as clippers or scissors and a razor.

7) The bandholz beard

scruff on the face

For those of you with long hair and a penchant for beards, the bandholz beard is perfect. It’s a beard that starts just below the chin and gradually gets longer as it goes down. This style looks great on square or round faces and can be styled in any way imaginable. All you need to do is grow your facial hair out for about six weeks to achieve this look!

8) The short mutton chops

This style is a good option for guys with long hair. The beard can be worn in a variety of lengths, but in this case, it is styled to hang just below the chin and parallel to the jawline. It’s a great choice if you have a square or round face shape as it will soften your features and add some length to your face.
The mutton chops originated from sheep shearers who would use their knives to cut off chunks of wool from their sheep’s necks.

9) The soul patch

beard styles

The soul patch is a thin, little mustache that sits below your bottom lip. It’s an old-school look, but it has made its way back into popular culture. This beard style is distinguished by the lack of hair on the chin and cheek area. The patch extends from the point where your upper lip meets your lower lip to the corners of your mouth, which is what distinguishes it from a goatee or connected to a full beard.

10) The mountain man’s beard

The mountain man’s beard is a long, full beard that often covers the neck and chest. It is typically grown out for several months or years. The mountain man beard can be styled in many ways but the most popular styles are slicked back with a popular brand hair product or messy and unkempt.