10 Epic Beard Cuts For Dark Blond Hair Men That Will Up Your Style Game

Dark Blond Hair Men

Any guy with blonde hair will tell you that it’s hard to maintain any kind of facial hair and still look good, especially if you work in an environment where you can’t be too trendy or out there. With that said, if you decide to grow out your beard, there are certain styles that will complement your blonde locks better than others. Here are some of the best beard cuts for dark blond hair men to help you find what works best for your situation!

1) The Classic Taper

Dark Blond Hair Men
Dark Blond Hair Men

The classic taper is best for when you want a clean look. Plus, it’s perfect if you’re trying to grow your beard out and want to keep it looking neat while still being able to change the style as your facial hair grows.

2) The Goatee with Lineup

The goatee is the last of our ten epic beard cuts for blond men is a classy goatee with a mustache and a lineup. This look is perfect for those who want to keep their facial hair groomed but still want the rugged look of a full beard. To get this style, simply let your stubble grow out to about an inch and then shape your whiskers into a goatee by trimming off the excess hair on your chin and neck.

3) Faded + Short Full Beard

Short Full beard
Short Full Beard

The Faded + Short Full beard is a great look for blond men with thin, straight beards that are light in color and texture. It features a faded beard on the cheeks with a full beard on the chin. While this style can work for most hair colors, it is especially flattering if your hair is light, which will make your beard seem darker and more prominent.

4) Short Hair on the Sides with a Full Beard

A short haircut on the sides and a full beard on top are one of the most iconic styles in men’s fashion. It blends the ruggedness of a manly beard with the sharp edges of a neat haircut. This style can be worn easily by both blond men and brunette men alike, so don’t feel like you have to stick to your hair color when it comes to styling your facial hair.

5) Creative Mustache Ideas

Creative mustache ideas
Creative mustache ideas

Styling your mustache is a great way to change up your look, and it’s also a really easy way to make yourself feel better about not having hair on your head. It can be a challenge though since every guy’s mustache grows differently. The best thing you can do is experiment until you find the style that works for you. Creative mustache ideas should include the use of mustache wax!

6) Soul Patch with a Faded Side Part

The soul patch with a faded side part is one of the best beard cuts for blond men. The faded side part is perfect for those who want to create the illusion of fuller hair, while still being able to grow a beard. It’s also great for those with patchy beards that need some help filling in the bald spots.

7) Clean Neckline with Fewer Facial Hairstyles

Long Combover
Long Combover

-The neckline should be clean and without stray hairs to avoid looking unkempt. Use a stubble or beard trimmer set on low to trim the neck area, but use caution not to cut yourself. (Tip: Use your hand as a guide when trimming around your jawline)
-Blow dry your hair so it’s not all over the place before going in for a haircut.

8) Long Combover + Thick Comb Over Undercut

For a cut that has a little bit of everything, try the long combover + thick comb over the undercut. This is one of the best haircuts for blond men. On top, you have the long combover with your hair swept to one side, but you also have an undercut on the other side that’s short and stacked. The best thing about this hairstyle is that you can wear it in both formal and casual settings!

9) Long Combover Undercut + Center Part

combover undercut
Combover Undercut

The long combover undercut is a versatile cut that will work with most hair types. The style features longer hair on the top of the head and a very short undercut on the back and sides, which creates a contrast between the two sections. To style this look, use a pomade or wax to brush your front locks back, away from your face. Then use your fingers to put a center part in your hair.

10) Slick Back Undercut + Shaved Sides

This classic look is a great, low-maintenance style. As long as you’re willing to keep your sideburns trimmed and slicked back, there isn’t much else to do with this cut. You could even grow out your beard or mustache for a more rugged look!