How To Take Good Care of Your Beard While You’re Stuck at Home

How to take good care of your beard

You love the way your beard looks, but you don’t love the way it feels. You know that there are things you can do at home to take good care of your beard, but you’re not sure what they are or how to do them. This guide on taking care of your beard while you’re stuck at home gives you ten helpful tips, including proper beard care products, temperature and humidity regulation, and grooming techniques you can use right in the comfort of your own home.

1) How To Take Good Care of Your Beard by Washing it Everyday

Washing Your Beard
Washing Your Beard

If there’s one thing worse than a dry, smelly, unkempt beard, it’s a dirty, smelly, unkempt beard. To keep that facial fur looking good—and smelling great—you should wash it every day. Beard oils and conditioning balms are great for keeping beards shiny and smooth in between washes.

2) Comb it With Conditioner

Apply a small amount of conditioner on your fingers and then gently work it through your beard. This will get rid of any knots or tangles, preventing them from forming in the future. You can use regular conditioner, but if your hair is particularly tangled there are specific ones for men that have extra benefits. Be sure not to apply too much – otherwise, all it will do is weigh down your beard and make it look lifeless. A little goes a long way!

3) How To Take Good Care of Your Beard by Keeping it Oiled

Oiling Your Beard
Oiling Your Beard

Your skin will dry out without moisture, which is exactly what happens if you don’t keep up with beard oil. Massage a few drops into your face every day, and remember that less is more: a few drops massaged into damp skin (and then rubbed in after it dries) should be enough to condition your facial hair and keep it healthy-looking.

4) Brush it Out!

Keeping a brush handy will help combat pesky flyaways and keep your beard in proper shape. Also, regularly brushing stimulates new hair growth. Clean up after meals: We’ve all seen it happen—you’re sitting down for dinner with family or friends and all of a sudden you realize there’s a big piece of spinach in your goatee.

5) How To Take Good Care of Your Beard by Trimming the Stray Hairs

Trimming Your Beard
Trimming Your Beard

A lot of guys who like having facial hair don’t realize they can get a professional trim at their local barbershop. Trimming with scissors will give you a more tailored look, and a little maintenance every few weeks can help prevent hairs from sticking out all over your face or growing in weird directions.

6) Get Regular Trims

Trimming your beard at regular intervals will keep it looking healthy and prevent split ends, dry skin, and itchiness. If you’re going to be stuck indoors for a few days, make sure that you keep up with any necessary trims so that it stays in top shape.

7) Floss Regularly!

Shaving Your Beard
Shaving Your Beard

If you’re rocking a big old beard, be sure to get in there and clean out all those food bits. There’s nothing worse than an itchy chin covered with food crumbs. Keep yourself clean-shaven by flossing regularly!

8) Style it Like Brad Pitt (optional!)

Your beard may be long enough now, but it’s probably not as full or lustrous as Brad Pitt’s. But trim and a good moisturizer will make all the difference. You can also try putting coconut oil or avocado on it, though if you haven’t tried one already, stick with a beard balm instead—these have more conditioning agents than oil and are less messy than avocados. (Not that we haven’t used those too.)

9) How To Take Good Care of Your Beard by Moisturize Daily

Moisturizing Your Beard
Moisturizing Your Beard

While a good trim and shave will keep your skin smooth, you don’t want it to become dry. The best way to avoid flaking is by applying a moisturizer each morning before work. Not only does it keep your face hydrated, but it also keeps oils from clogging up follicles, causing acne. Look for an unscented moisturizer that contains alpha hydroxy or vitamin E as its active ingredient; both ingredients encourage healthy cell growth and replenish moisture in dry skin cells.

10) Make Sure You Use a Good Conditioner

If a barber or stylist has given you a recommendation for how to keep your beard looking and feeling great, follow it! But don’t be afraid to go beyond their recommendations. If they said to maintain with conditioning oil once per month, try using conditioning oil every week instead. If they say apply conditioner weekly, go every day. These are things that (hopefully) won’t harm your beard, so if in doubt, do more.