10 Best Hair Cuts for Asian Men

Asian Men Haircuts

Choosing the right haircut can be a challenge if you’re Asian. The most suitable look varies greatly based on your face shape, hair texture, and desired style of hair. If you’re looking to change up your look, find inspiration in this list of 10 best hair cuts for Asians—perfect looks to suit every hair type and length, whether you’re looking to straighten or texturize your tresses.

1) Trendy Asian

Asian hair

Asian hair is usually naturally straight, but can sometimes be curly or wavy. Asian hair does not respond well to heat and, because it has a different texture from Caucasian hair, it can be difficult to style with the traditional tools that work on Caucasian hair. We recommend using a flat iron instead of a curling iron to create curls. You should also avoid putting your hair under too much heat because it will dry out the cuticles and cause breakage.

2) Classic Casual

The classic casual look is one of the best haircuts for Asian men because it looks great with any hair type and can be styled in a variety of ways. This style should be cut shorter on the top, but no shorter than the ears. The sides and back should be tapered into the nape of your neck. The classic casual look works well with most face shapes, but don’t go too short on the top if you have a rounder face because it will accentuate your cheeks.

3) Well-Groomed Manly

haircuts for Asian men

So, you’re an Asian male, and you want to know what the best haircut is. Sure, we can’t make that decision for you – but we can tell you what are some of the most popular styles! Let’s start by mentioning a few things. You’ll want to find a hairstyle that is versatile enough to be worn up or down, which will save you time in the morning.

4) A Model Haircut

After carefully considering the hair type and length of the person, it is then time to decide on a style. If you’re not sure what you want, there are some haircuts that are seen as more popular among Asian people. One example would be a layered haircut with long bangs that can be swept over to one side or the other. Another common hairstyle is a sleek straight-cut fringe with blunt bangs.

5) Business on Top, Party at the Back

layered haircut

The Chin-Length Bob: This is a classic look that has been popularized by celebrities like Lucy Liu and Kelly Hu. With this cut, you’ll have a chic bob with a bit of length around the face and on top of the head. It’s perfect for those with straight or wavy hair, but the layers are what really make it work.

6) Straight and Sleek

This style is one of the more traditional hairstyles, a simple straight cut with a side bang. It’s perfect for those who want to keep their hair out of the way and avoid any funky hairstyles. The straight cut also looks great with a variety of face shapes, so it’s an easy style to experiment with.

7) Flawless Curls

funky hairstyles

Flawless Curls – Enhance your natural curls with these easy tips.
Curly hair is so on trend and there are plenty of ways to enhance the natural texture of curly locks. It doesn’t matter if you have curls that are tight and corkscrews, or if your curls are loose with a lot of body- the right styling routine will make it look like you spent hours at the salon

8) Side Partings with Volume at the Back

It is important to make sure that your hair is cut in a way that will not make it stick up. A good idea would be to have a side parting with volume at the back and keep the hair long. This will give you more versatility, as well as being able to use your natural curls in updos.

9) Sideswept Men’s Cut for Fine Asian Hair

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The side-swept men’s cut is a popular haircut that is perfect for Asian hair. It works by cutting the hair on one side of the head shorter than the other and then sweeping the longer hair to one side of the face or over an eye. This style looks great when combined with a beard and mustache or goatee. The side-swept men’s cut is best suited for medium to long, straight Asian hair.

10) Textured Pompadour Hairstyle For Fine Hairs

The Textured Pompadour Hairstyle is a great hairstyle for those with fine, straight hair. The style features a shortcut on the bottom which is brushed forward and styled into a pompadour. This hairstyle is perfect for those who are looking to make their hair look thicker and boost the volume of their hair.