Men’s Hair Gel Questions You Need to Ask

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If you’re struggling to find the right men’s hair gel for your hair, don’t worry, you’re not alone! While there are dozens of brands that offer high-quality hair products, it can still be hard to decide which one you should use if you want your style to last all day and look flawless. To help you find the right gel, think about these 10 questions before buying anything. And remember—don’t be afraid to experiment! Everyone has different hair types and textures, so what works best for your neighbor might not work so well for you.

1) Longer Hair Men: Different Hair Types are Normal

men's hair
Longer Hair Men

All the longer hair men, you’re in luck because gel typically comes in both normal and long sizes. The difference between the two is how far down the tube of gel can go without getting clogged. The normal gels are able to go up to around 20 inches while the long gels can go up to 30 inches (or more). If you have longer hair than this, then you should be looking for a long gel instead of a normal one.

2) Men’s Hair Can Be Different Depending on Your Age

Consider your age when buying hair gel. If you’re a young adult, you may want something that has more hold and is more likely to stay in place through workouts or outdoor activities. If you are older, you may want something that’s less sticky and lighter for everyday use.

3) What Kind of Hairstyle Do You Want?

Pompadour Haircut
Pompadour Haircut

The best men’s hair styling gel for you is the kind that will work with your style. Keep in mind that there are different kinds of hair, so what works for one person may not work for you and vice versa. For example, if you have curly hair and want a sleek look, a hard gel won’t do it. There are also gels made specifically for African-American men who want to keep their waves looking natural.

4) What Does Your Hair Look Like Naturally?

For a product to work well on your hair, it’s important to first figure out what your hair looks like when it’s not styled. For example, if you have curly hair and want a product that will tame frizz, you’ll need something with less of a hold. If you use gel for a quiff or pompadour haircut, however, you’ll want something with more of a hold.

5) Men’s Hair can be Sensitive so are There Any Special Ingredients You’re Looking For?

different hair types
Different Hair Types

Some hair gels are designed for people who have a hard time keeping their hair in place, and some are made for people who want a little more substance. The best way to determine which is the right gel for you is by reading the ingredients or asking your local haircut places. If you want a gel that has extra hold, then look for one with alcohol or polymers in it. If you want a lighter hold, then look for gels with glycerin or silicone.

6) Do You Care About the Scent?

The scent of your hair gel will determine how much you like it. If you’re not a fan of the smell, you might find yourself getting a headache or even sneezing from time to time. Check out what people are saying about the scent on a product’s review page before you make your purchase.

7) Do You Prefer a Thick or Thin Consistency?

Haircut Places
Haircut Places

Thick hair gel is better for styling, while thinner gel is better for finishing. Thick gels are generally more expensive but worth it if you have the budget. If you’re looking for something cheaper, try getting a thicker gel and mixing it with water or homemade hairspray. If you can’t find thick gels at your local store, many brands offer samples of their products online.

8) Men’s Hair is Not the Same So Does Cost Matter to You?

For most people, the cost is a major factor in buying hair gel. If you’re looking for something that will give your hair a little boost without breaking the bank, then look for something on the cheaper end of the spectrum. However, if you’re willing to spend more money on your hair, you’ll get better products that last longer.

9) Do You Have Sensitive Skin or Scalp?

Longer Hair Men
Men’s Hair

If you have sensitive skin or a scalp, it is important that you buy natural hair gel that will not irritate your skin. When in doubt, always purchase a small size of hair gel and try it out before buying the larger size. If you experience any irritation, discontinue use and find an alternative.

10) Do Brands Matter to You at All?

Brands do matter when it comes to hair gel. If you’re not really sure what you want, then a trusted brand is usually your best bet. For example, if you have thick hair, the best gel for you will be stronger and more concentrated than the one that is recommended for people with genetic hair loss.