10 Ways to Get the Perfectly Straight Beard

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No man wants to have an unruly beard that just won’t lay flat. What’s the point of having a beard if it doesn’t look sharp and even all over? Luckily, these 10 ways to straighten your beard will help you achieve the look you want without having to spend money at a barber shop or beauty salon! Whether your facial hair is too curly, too wavy, or not long enough, this guide on how to maintain a straight beard has tips that will help you make it look great! Click through to see them now! (image)

1) Wash And Treat

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Washing your beard is one of the most important steps in maintaining a healthy, shiny beard. It removes dirt and excess sebum buildup that can lead to acne.
The best time to wash your beard is in the morning after you’ve brushed your teeth and washed your face. This ensures all of the bacteria has been removed from those areas before it gets on your facial hair.

2) Use a Comb

Combing your beard with a good comb can help it look better and feel smoother. Additionally, it will help you get rid of any tangles in your beard before they form. The first step is finding a beard comb that works for you–the smaller the teeth on the comb, the softer and smoother your finished product will be.
The next step is simply brushing down one side of your beard while looking in a mirror.

3) Add Heat (with Caution!)

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Adding heat to your beard is one way to make it straighter. However, you’ll want to be careful when doing this. The last thing you want is for your beard hair to melt and become brittle. You also don’t want a flare-up of your condition, like psoriasis or seborrheic dermatitis, because heat can irritate the skin underneath.

4) Remove Excess Hair With Clippers

Trimming your beard is a necessary step in order to maintain a well-groomed beard. You can use clippers or scissors and trim down any hairs that are too long, uneven or stick out on the side. This will get rid of any excess hair and give you a clean look that is perfect for straightening your beard.

5) Get Facial Hair Trimmed Properly

Trimming your beard

Even if you trim your beard every day, over time it will grow out of shape and start curling up or down. This is especially true when your facial hair starts developing in different directions. To get your beard back in shape, take it to a professional barber who can trim it right and give you a great-looking beard. Trimming must be done regularly, so schedule an appointment with your barber at least once every two weeks.

6) Keep Skin Moisturized and Conditioned

The first and most important step in getting a straight beard is keeping skin moisturized and conditioned so that it’s flexible. A good rule of thumb is that any beard conditioner should contain some type of oil, whether it be jojoba, argan, or olive oil. Use the product twice a day: once in the morning after showering and again at night before bedtime.

7) Use a Special Oil or Balm To Condition Your Beard

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You can use oils and balm to condition your beard and make it look much smoother. Most oils will nourish your beard and make it softer, while some balms are made specifically for conditioning beards. The best way to use either of these products is by applying them after you’ve washed your beard in the morning, before going out in public.

8) Change Your Brush Regularly

Brushes are a must for anyone with a beard. A boar bristle brush (or any natural hair brush) will help you detangle your beard and control it so that it lays flat. However, over time, brushes tend to collect oils and dirt which can lead to breakouts or cause the skin underneath your beard to become dry. It’s important that you change your brush every month or two so that you aren’t clogging your pores.

9) Have A Good Hydration Routine

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It is important that you keep your beard hydrated, especially if it is thick and long. If you don’t do this, your beard will be dry and brittle. Start by using a moisturizer like Shea Moisture or Alba Botanica every day. Once a week apply a deep conditioner with protein in it. Once a month use an exfoliating scrub on your beard to get rid of dead skin cells.

10) Don’t Forget About Hand Lotion/Balm/Oil If You Have Long Fingers Or Nails!

If your hands are dry, you’ll have problems getting a straight beard. Keep your skin and nails moisturized so they don’t break or peel while styling.
Don’t Forget About Hand Lotion/Balm/Oil If You Have Long Fingers Or Nails!
If you have long fingers or nails, using hand lotion will help tremendously when it comes to styling your beard.